The Ever War

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Change is Coming

It's not quite the Stark Words, but I've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes for the main site for the books and recreating a unified vision of the books both as an electronic format and a hard copy format.  Essentially when Lost Lore releases it will be a series re-launch and I'll be focused more on figuring out how to get the message that these books exist out there.

I'm intending to include one thing that a few people have asked for in new versions, a page that lists the order of the books.

The updated version of the site will have a lot more content than the current one and I hope to add more as time goes on.

Be ready for some big announcements in the coming weeks.

After the final edits are made to Lost Lore I'll be taking some time off from writing in order to hopefully complete some other projects, but fear not.  The first set of prequel books are already underway and whenever possible I'll be adding additional content to the main site.