The Ever War

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Stall In The Schedule

So, my work will be slowing for a little bit because my VISA was approved and I'll be moving to Australia on the 18th.  I hope that the slowdown in my writing isn't too drastic, but it will happen for a short time.  In the mean time here's another unedited bit of the new book:

He ran his hand along the recently shorn crown of his scalp and felt the smoothness that ran all the way back to his neck.  Hair was one less conceit about which he had to worry.  he progressed from the song's opening stanzas about the Monk's life of avarice and violence and the transition to his pilgrimage to find faith and meaning.  He could feel warmth spreading up his arms, across his shoulders and around his chest and back, the heat traced the lines of the sinuous tattoos that wound about his torso and arms.  His eyes were closed, yet he was aware of the soft blue light that had started to emanate from the intricate patterns.