The Ever War

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Continuing Work

I've been slowly working and re-working the what is ultimately the opening chapter to the series.  I anticipate it will be the longest opening chapter of any of the books and quite possibly the longest single chapter in the series.

Here's a WIP glimpse:

     Sera wanted to throw up.  Her feet were moving, but she wouldn't have described it as walking.  She was mostly being dragged.  The world swept to and fro with each movement, as if the ground shifted beneath her feet.  She could feel she was descending and then there was a blast of warmth followed by noise and the assault of bright lights.  Her head was floating and she just wanted to stop moving.  Voices seemed to warp around her twisting at times between incredibly loud and extremely faint.

     Her feet kept moving, but she didn't remember every step of the journey.  Many moments were immediately lost, replaced in her mind with flashes of white light.  She remembered seeing an older serving maid lock eyes with her.  The woman appeared angry at first, but as she saw the man that was forcibly escorting her the serving maid looked away, her eyes downcast and her brow furrowed with shame.