The Ever War

Monday, April 28, 2014

Out of Sequence

I tend to work on my books out of sequence, dealing with whatever section of the book on which I'm inspired to work. Lately I've been focusing on a late sequence.  I mostly know how I get there, but when you hear the voices it's important to know that's when you have to take the dictation.  I can smell the stale and slightly musty scent of damp and mildew that overwhelms the scene.  I can hear the beating of a heart against the silence.  Go to where the spark is to find the light.

To sign off... a segment unedited:

“Pray your gods, elf. What are they to me?” His words felt awkward, archaic, merciless and chilling.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


It may seem odd, but I've been working on one small clip of wording for about a month.  It took a long time before I actually got it to a point that I decided I actually liked it.  Like so many other writers I enjoy building in pop culture references, so a bonus internet cookie to those people that can place the song I've referenced.

I am the reaper of men

Twice as clear as reason
Twice as sharp as treason
Deep and rich like silt on a river bed
and just as never ending

No force will stay my hand

The heart of the heathen
To know when to weaken
Quick and cold like wind on a winter's day
and just as never ending

For I am one with the sword