The Ever War

Friday, July 30, 2010

Things Are Progressing Nicely

The next story is well on its way and I think I've been able to capture some of the tension breaking levity that doesn't often find its way into my work. One of the greatest priveldges of working on this project is to revisit characters who I feel I haven't spent enough time with or characters that had so much to offer beyond their limited interaction in the primary books (due to my habit of excising anything that I think doesn't forward the story). Sometimes there is a depth that seems lacking mainly for the sake of story progression.

One thing I have found is that in a quest to strengthen the reality of their world many Fantasy or Sci Fi authors will waste valuable story time for the sake of developing otherwise minor characters. I dislike the loss of momentum of these little dalliances cause. On the other hand I truly enjoy the additional, albeit unnecessary, indulgences of these stories forming a more complete perspective.

Essentially these two dissonant feelings are what spurred me to write these two short story collection books that, once separated from the main volumes, do not slow down the primary story arc, but they still provide additional information for people who want it adding depth to the world. An offer of compromise between the two versions of myself as a reader. As Whitman wrote, "if I contradict myself then I contradict myself."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Has It Been That Long?

Wow. I can't believe I've gotten as much done as I have and haven't updated this. Well, another story was completed, one that I think captured some of the manic menace that is Thadius Bane, a character who I often have a lot of fun writing, which brings me to my next point... I've noticed as I went over these stories that I hadn't really tackled many moments of mirth to break the tension of the stories and I've been working to rectify that on the current story (which is half done, so I guess you could say I'm at the 75% mark). I'm probably another 60 pages from completing this book and to be honest I feel like I'm really drawing close to the finish line. I remember the days when writing an eight page paper felt like an exercise in futility and madness. Now it feels like an opening scene. It's odd how your perception can change to fit your project. It will be another three and a half books before I even hit the half way point for the entirety of this series, my magnum opus. I silently wonder if I can complete it before I'm 40. Roughly 8 more years to get 9 more books done after this one. It's a big challenge. Let's see if I'm up to it. Only time will tell.