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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Formatting in a Digital Era

It took some time... ok, it took a lot of time, but I have gone through all digital versions of the books and reformatted all of them for all reader types.

My preferred e-reader format is still the Kindle version, simply because I had to compromise in too many areas for the standard epub files and the Kindle version is essentially a straight-up port of the physical copy (though there were some issues converting that version as well).

I have also managed to get all electronic versions of the book to the same price point of $0.99!

I know Amazon takes about a month before they approve updates and make them available to readers (through the Manage My Kindle site) and I'm not sure of the process for other readers so you'll have to check with the site that you get your files from.

Happily, though, the versions should all fit more along the design of the book instead of falling prey to the machinations of a flawed conversion process that seems to care only to throw words on a screen.


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