The Ever War

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Like Thunder, Only Louder

Today the First Chapter of the prequel book has been completed to a rough draft.  It's been rough going with a number of life events getting in the way, along with a weird lack of clarity for how I should end the chapter.  Yet, as I took a recent walk, not really listening to my headphones and not really paying attention to the scenery around me I was struck by inspiration and clarity.  I saw the entire final section of the Chapter play out, leaving me with the strong conclusion sequence I long for in my work.

As for page count it's the longest opening chapter in the series, and will probably retain that status over the course of my work.  I would guess that it represents roughly 20% of the entire book, meaning i'm somewhere around 25% through the draft.  As I progress onward I feel more confident having gotten through a particularly bothersome section and moving on to a section that I've written a ton of notes for and have mostly mapped my way through.

My most favorite aspect of working on this project has been seeing these new characters really come to life.

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