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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why Soccer will remain a 3rd world sport in the US' view

Q: Will the US ever like Soccer?

A: No; a sport that allows mystery fouls to be called without explanation of what foul was committed or what player committed it (not only did the ref refuse to explain anything to the team or the crowd, but to the media afterwards as well) that results in a goal being taken away and affects not only a single win/loss, but also tounament standing (US should be the head of their group with Slovenia in second and England in third, but that goal ruling made Slovenia dominant favorites to move on with United States scrapping it out with England for the next spot) will not catch on here.

I'm sure the rest of the world is probably content with Double Secret Probation Fouls being issued, but we are not. Also, the World Cup officials have proven themselves a joke for being willing to fire that ref for the duration of the cup, but not overturning his phantom foul call. Weak Sauce. That should not work for any fan.

How long is it until the Super Bowl again?

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