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Monday, February 17, 2014

Working Without an Outline

I've heard many writers speak about their process for building a novel.  Some lay out post-it-notes along a wall covering the character and chapter progression, expecting that will prevent them from missing details.  Others operate with less structure, for instance Stephen King has said for the Dark Tower series he didn't maintain even a notebook, instead believing that the really good ideas stay in his head.  I suppose I'm a middle ground between the two, in that I don't actively keep a detailed outline, but I do have a rough version of one in my head, and some scenes I can see very clearly.  I also do keep a notebook, the same one I've been keeping notes in for the last 17 years.  At this point I've almost reached that critical year 18 of this project, which means it will be, in all, as old as I was when I started it.

At this point, assuming I do finish the prequels, this will have become my life's work.  that's a very odd thought, but is an all but unavoidable conclusion at this point.  While I could see myself releasing unrelated works, I can't imagine myself attempting anything on such a grand scale.

I may have said this before but looking back, if I had it all to do over again, I wouldn't.  I'm not certain I would admit there are nobler pursuits, but certainly there are simpler ones.

Quite suddenly the largest audience for this blog originates from Israel.  I'm not quite sure how that happened, though it should force one to consider themselves humbled by the reach of the internet.  Whether by chance or choice it aids people in reaching out and touching the thoughts of another.  The written word may still be the most powerful force mankind has to offer.

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