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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Somewhere down under the rainbow

Dual rainbow action! Kiama welcomed us with open arms, and the weather has managed to split the rain and clouds at times for fierce sunshine and open skies. While walking with Pepsi we got to see some of the beach front views of Kiama including the beach below, which the surfer's called "Mystic Beach."
You can only get to the beach by trekking through the woods or swimming. There are no cars. It's not very populated. Since Sandra claimed a beach a few Kilometers away as her own, Alan and I decided to claim this as Alan and Dan's beach. While it's true that I'm not much of a beach person due to the lack of shade and volume of water the seclusion of this spot fits my needs for relaxation... plus with the trees so close I can hide in the shade and just watch the waves. It was walking in this area of Kiama that we got to see humpback whales playing in the water not far off.

We spent most of yesterday at the University of Woolongong. It's a beautiful campus, but also very young with its eyes set firmly on its future rather than its past. It is in the process of developing a medical health center and has a technology center that incorporates visionary technology with entrepaneurial ambition. While the collection of tech buildings make heavy use of green technology we found out some interesting things, like the fact that they are limiting the use of solar panels because in those same buildings they are working on the next generation of solar panels which will be cheaper and more efficient (and easier to produce). This is the view from the main building at the tech center where you can see why there is no short supply of inspiration for big ideas.

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  1. Don't listen to anything they tell you about those buildings being 'green'. They have vast open areas that are air-conditioned (despite our mild climate), and they run tons of indoor and outdoor lighting all night and all weekend. They've been researching solar panels for decades at the uni, so don't expect them to be installing anything anytime soon. The whole "waiting for the next generation" thing is just an excuse to not spend any money.

    Sorry to be so negative, as we do have a lot of pretty good environmental stuff going on here in the Illawarra. It's just that the uni isn't anywhere near the forefront of any of it. They're a profit-drive commercial entity.